"This book has helped me every day. I have read and re-read parts of the book to boost my spirits and my strength to move forward." -Linda
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Our Getting in Shape Experts

Paige Waehner

Paige Waehner

Personal trainer and author of About.com's guide to exercise

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Gin Miller

Gin Miller

Creator of step training and a top fitness professional for...

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Dr. John Spencer Ellis

Dr. John Spencer Ellis

CEO of the National Exercise & Sports Trainers Association...

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Perk up your bum!

Yes. That's what I said :) Our friends at DivineCaroline...

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Make a date for exercise

Schedule time to exercise. Writing it down makes it more likely...

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Getting extra exercise

It's hard to get motivated to go to the gym during the winter...

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Mix it Up

I easily get bored with exercise, but I find that if I mix...

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Just keep moving

Exercise doesn't always have to mean an hour at the gym or...

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A Funny Movie for Inspiration

I watched "Run, Fatboy, Run" this weekend on DVD. I had seen...

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No chafe zone...

If you've ever come in from a run, hike, or a bike ride with...

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