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How to Give Furniture a Vintage or Rustic Effect

Many homeowners use procedures to distress their furniture. When a furniture piece has a vintage look, it has more character. Although there are stores that sell vintage furniture...

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Our Creating a Green Home Experts

Anne Reichman

Anne Reichman

Director of Earth911.org

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Axil Comras

Axil Comras

Creator and founder of Greenhome.com

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Alex Wilson

Alex Wilson

Founder and president of BuildingGreen and author of Your...

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Creating a Green Home

Green Home, Happy Home

They say many good things start at home: habits, behavior and health. Add eco-friendly awareness to that list. Greening your immediate environment benefits both you and the world around you.

You might be thinking that a green home plan sounds like something you want to create, but aren’t sure where to begin or if you can afford it. “I think for the first 30 days it’s about quick fixes,” says Kelli Ellis, celebrity designer and interior expert for TLC and HGTV.

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30 Tips for 30 Days

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Home, Green Home

Home, Green Home

Welcome to a greener, cleaner world.

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Answer:your local electric company can have someone come out and check your house and see where...
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Keeping Your Home Clutter Free

Every year when spring rolls around and the weather warms...

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Useing Lemons !!

Hello Everyone! I Love Lemons~I drink a lot of Lemon water...

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Let's (Eco) Clean House!

Let's (Eco) Clean House!

If company's on the way, it's time for scrub-a-dub-dub.

Word of the Year: Hypermiling

Word of the Year: Hypermiling

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