"This book has helped me every day. I have read and re-read parts of the book to boost my spirits and my strength to move forward." -Linda
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Up and Coming IOS Game Apps

If you are looking for some time to kill with some wickedly fun games, look no further than the iTunes App Store. Here is a glance into the top 10 games in the app store and what...

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Paul Saffo

Paul Saffo

Stanford professor, technology forecaster and Facebook enthusiast...

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Andy Barger

Andy Barger

Contributing writer and editor of Facebook Fanatic

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Liz Ryan

Liz Ryan

Author of Happy About Online Networking and human resources...

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Using Facebook

The Internet's Freshest Face

First Friendster revolutionized the internet, then hi5 debuted, then this thing called MySpace erupted onto the social networking scene. But lately all you’ve been hearing about is Facebook.

Once the exclusive stomping ground of college and high school students, Facebook is now the hot topic around the corporate water cooler. In fact, many top CEOs and business recruiters are “friending” each other—making it hard for the kids who started Facebook to keep it to themselves.

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30 Tips for 30 Days

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A Vast Virtual World

A Vast Virtual World

Welcome to the First 30 Days of Using Facebook! You’ve decided to try the newest trend in online social networking. Today you—and about 249,999 others—will join the wonderful world of Facebook.

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Answer:I check it a lot too! It's hard not to, because you don't want to "miss" anything your friends...
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Seriously ... Skip Some Photo...

Be careful of the pictures you post on Facebook. You might...

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Privacy settings first!

I think the most important thing to do is establish your privacy...

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Nipples on Facebook

Nipples on Facebook

An artist proves obscenity is all about context.

Abe Is My Homeboy

Abe Is My Homeboy

Friending presidents past and future on Facebook.