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Bankruptcy: The Power of the Clean Slate

It doesn’t take many clicks online to find writing and advice on how to shape up your finances, even First30Days has a great financial advice section found here. There are...

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Jason Kelly

Jason Kelly

Author of The Neatest Little Guide to Stock Market Investing

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Lauren Young

Lauren Young

Journalist and department editor at BusinessWeek

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Stephen Gandel

Stephen Gandel

Money magazine senior writer

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Smart Investing

Keys to Smart Investing

If you’d like to start putting some money away—for retirement, a rainy day or your kid’s college fund—you can do it more easily than you might imagine! The first 30 days of smart investing will be a time of research, preparation and thought that will get you on the road to saving right. Let’s get started!

The First Step Toward Smart Investing

Our first recommendation: get out of debt. Those high-interest loans and credit card debts will have to go (or at least be managed down) before you... Read more of "Keys to Smart Investing"»

30 Tips for 30 Days

Our very best advice for you!

Calling All Investors

Calling All Investors

Welcome to the first 30 days of smart investing!

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Answer:Honestly, it's caused me to become a whole lot more involved with my finances and figuring...
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Get your desired Loan at Mason...

Good Day, I'm Mr. Mason Diego. A reputable, legitimate...

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Stop letting the market tell...

The best bit of 'advice' I read on the train this morning...

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The Source of Tears?

The Source of Tears?

Harvard MBAs have left many fingerprints.

Auction Theater for 2,000

Auction Theater for 2,000

Here’s a glimpse of how we’ll be dealing with...