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Work Your Body, Work Your Mind

It took me a long time to admit that I wasn’t successfully coping with my depression and anxiety on my own. It took even longer to come up with a plan to fight back against my own...

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Dr. Bankole Johnson

Dr. Bankole Johnson

Physician, psychiatrist and addiction researcher

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Damian O’Hara

Damian O’Hara

President of Allen Carr North America

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Dr. Cheryl Healton

Dr. Cheryl Healton

President and CEO of the American Legacy Foundation

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Quitting Smoking

Quit Smoking and Breathe Easy

“I knew I had to quit for real when I was in the hospital and the doctor told me I’d just had a heart attack at only 52 years old,” says Colette Wilson, a 54-year-old librarian from Oxnard, CA.

She had made many attempts at quitting smoking, but she always found herself picking up the pack again within a matter of hours or days. The wakeup call from her doctor really motivated her to make a positive and lasting change.

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30 Tips for 30 Days

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Beginning Your Journey

Beginning Your Journey

Congratulations! This is the first day of a journey toward improving your health.

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Answer:Because as nicotine addicts we trained ourselves very well at usually a young age that Feeling...
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Listen to your mind!!

OK - everyone can tell you - "oh just quit smoking, its all...

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The greatest power in all of creation to help stop smoking...

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Long Term Health Effects

Long Term Health Effects

Here are eight categories of health problems caused by smoking...

Effects of a Bad Combination

Effects of a Bad Combination

Smoking and alcohol together increase the chance of liver...