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Paige Waehner

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Gin Miller

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Dr. John Spencer Ellis

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Answer:It could also be hamstring tightness that is contributing to low-back pain. Make sure to stretch out your hamstrings following a run--this is the only...
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Answer:I prefer the morning hours before the sun comes up. I swim and ideal are those mornings when I return before anyone else in the house is awake.
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Answer:OMG this is totally me, and I love the response! --“Well, afternoons don’t work. And I can’t do mornings. I can come Tuesdays at noon, but not this...
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Answer:I suggest ou check out Teambeachbody.There's lots of different workout programs,for all levels of fitness,and tastes.I personally love P90X and Chalean...
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Answer:I really like the show. It helps the women see their body in a whole new light and start to like it and stop hating it. It's not about weight loss but...
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Answer:I run every morning before sun-up, and it's very important to wear an LED arm band, a reflective vest, anything/everything you can find to make yourself...
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Answer:Skip the class and hit the floor! If you're nervous about lifting at the gym get some hand weights to use at home. Less weight, more reps will get you...
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