We have 50-60,000 thoughts a day. 90% of them are negative.end quote

— Deepak Chopra
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We are here to help you find the positive in any change. But what does that really mean? Here are some of the questions we've encountered most about our site. Need help with something else? Feel free to contact us.

Help! My life change began a month (a week, a few days) ago. Will First30Days content still work for me?

Definitely. First30Days can work at any point in your life change. We are focused on YOUR first 30 days — the first thirty days from the moment you decide to embrace the change you are struggling with and move forward to a more positive you.

For example, it doesn't matter that your child was born two months ago — you can still subscribe to The First Thirty Days of Being a New Dad. Our feature articles, email tips, expert interviews and community are here to help you get through the first thirty days of your acceptance of a particular life change. It's about when you are ready to take the step to rise above the chaos caused by resisting a change and be the best new dad this side of the Mississippi!

I don't have 30 days — I need to deal with this now. What should I do?

Dive right in. Each change page features the top five things you should do to successfully get through your change and a feature story on some of the best practices. We also give you advice from the experts — tops in their fields — to guide you on your way. Make sure to sign up for the email tips to receive the daily information and inspiration.

And don't forget about the community. The voices of experience in our community ensure you find comfort in handling any change.

Is this free? How much does it cost?

First30Days is free to join. Receiving our email tips, reading our features, expert interviews and updates and participating in the community are all the benefits of registering with our site. Of course, if you want to purchase any of the recommended books, videos or music, we will direct you to a trusted retailer where you can complete your purchase.

What if you don't have my change listed?

We are hard at work researching and writing numerous changes to launch in the near future. If you don't see the exact change you're going through, you can get some great general advice by signing up for Ariane's Making Any Change Easier. You can apply these general principles to any change you're currently going through.

Where's the 30-day program?

First30Days is not a day one to day 30 program for getting through your change. The 30 tips are a metaphor for helping you through this life change, whenever you choose to read them. Our content focuses on getting you through that important period at the start of any life change where you need information and inspiration to make it through. When you register and sign up for a change you're starting down a path of transformation that will in all probability result in you becoming a stronger and more optimistic individual, or, at the very least, a better educated individual, equipped to navigate change.