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Question:Running makes back stiff

I'm participating in a fitness challenge for a class in college and I'm so proud I'm finally able to run longer distances than I used to. However, the last few times I've been running...I've been fine and then a day or so later, my lower back muscles stiffen up and are quite sore. It's probably normal and a sign that my workout is working ... but any suggestions on good stretches or ways to avoid this?

Asked by maggie on 4/14/08 3 Answers»


It could also be hamstring tightness that is contributing to low-back pain. Make sure to stretch out your hamstrings following a run--this is the only thing that helped my low back pain.

Answered by: BossNumber1 on 5/1/08


I experience the same...pretty frequently...especially at the start of my running season.

Stretching is okay...but you also may simply have tightness in a muscle called the psoas muscle. The lower part of the psoas is at the hip joint...but the belly of the muscle is up, near your navel. (I couldn't believe that when I figured that out). Check out this site...I found it invaluable to stay running...and staying away from injury...


Happy running...

Answered by: YourOwnHow on 4/16/08


I've done some lower back stretches that have helped me in the past. Lay down flat. Alternate bending your leg and bringing your knee up toward your chest. Hold it for a few seconds. Breathe in and breathe out. Then bring the other knee up. Hold, breathe in/out and release. Then bring both knees up. If you do this right you should be able to feel how you're stretching your lower back muscles.

This is something that was suggested by a doctor for a friend with a lower back problem.

Answered by: letitgo on 4/15/08
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