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Friday, March 14, 2008

Are You a Change Optimist?

I’ve been thinking a lot about optimism this week. I recently met Laurence Shorter, who spent the last two years searching the planet for the most optimistic people he could find. He’s compiling his findings and interviews in a book that will be published next year. Talking with him got me thinking about who are the most optimistic people I know and could recommend to him.

Interestingly, someone on my team told me that March is “Optimism Month.” One of the themes in my new book is about becoming a Change Optimist—someone who looks for the positive in everything and seeks out the good in a change or something challenging. I’ve identified nine principles that help people to stay optimistic when making or facing any change.

The world in general needs a lot more optimism. We can make a difference in our companies, communities and even families by having a more optimistic outlook. Being optimistic is a choice. Life experiences no doubt play a role, but when faced with a change or something challenging, I always choose to focus on things I can still control. Try it today. When you are faced with something challenging that would otherwise bring down your day, focus on the thing you do have control over—how you react.

Looking for the positive, being one of those few people who spread happier and healthier thoughts and who don’t let things drag them down, is what the world needs.

Are you a change optimist? I’d love to hear your story.