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Ariane at the Oprah Conference This October

Ariane will be a keynote speaker at the Oprah conference in South Africa this October.

Ariane Talks about Getting Unstuck

Getting unstuck in life can depend equally on big and small changes.

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Book: What I Wish Someone Had Told Me about Writing

Anyone who has ever thought of writing a book, this is for you! It's packed with advice, tips and wisdom.


Book: Uncertainty

Jonathan is a dear friend and his latest book is perfect for all of us looking at getting comfortable with uncertainty in times of change.


Book: Love for No Reason

Marci's book offers some wonderful guidance about what it really means to love, to feel love and to attract more love into your life.
Love is what it all comes down to in the end.


Book: Epiphany

My friend Elise released her book about people's greatest epiphanies in life. It's a very enlightening and uplifting book. My epiphany is included in the book by the way.


Book: Psych Yourself Rich

Farnoosh taps into your emotional setbacks and tells you how to get your mind and finances in gear again. There's a lot of great  psychological research behind her conclusions.


Book: Fight Less, Love More

You can use the five-minute conversations in this book and expect to get the love, appreciation and respect you want from the partner you have, faster than you ever dreamed possible. This book is a gem.


Book: The Bhagavad Gita: A Walkthrough for Westerners

Considered India's greatest spiritual text and possibly its greatest contribution to humanity, this is a story of God talking to his beloved friend Man, about life, how to be in the world, love, relationships, emotions, war and is very relevant to our day-to-day lives. This is a great introductory version.


Movie: Sweet Misery

Sweet Misery, a new video documentary by PEERS (Public Education and Empowerment Resource Service), outlines the dangers of the artificial sweetener, Aspertame. Almost all studies attesting to Aspartame’s safety were funded by the industry. So everyone should have this information to make an informed lifestyle choice.


Product: Invitation to Slumber

Invitation to Slumber is a DVD that works to relieve stress, Illness, insomnia and anxiety. The DVD does so with nothing more than award-winning nature photography and the music of harp, flute, and violin. The music combines with images of places we'd all love to visit at any moment in our lives. After all, western medicine can only go so far in helping us relieve the stresses of contemporary life. Invitation to Slumber plays in a continuous loop and has actually lowered the blood pressure and heart rate of viewers.


Book: Feel Good Guide to Prosperity

If you'd like to create the life of your dreams, The Feel Good Guide to Prosperity will help you. Eva Gregory shows you how to pave the way for positive inner change to pave the way for the positive outer experiences you want to create.


Movie: Lemonade the Movie

Erik Proulx has created a movie that so many of you will love to see. If you're someone who looked at unemployment as an opportunity, please take a moment to tell the world your story. This new documentary shows a group of workers scrambling to reinvent themselves after the axe fell on them. They took lemons and made lemonade.


Product: Philosophy

Philosophy's promise is to bring its customers products that inspire them to live a better life by being better to themselves. These products care for your skin and your overall well-being. Philosophy takes a mind, body, spirit approach to personal care and believes only when you feel good inside can you truly look your best and celebrate the human spirit.


Movie: Simply Raw

Whether you're in perfect health or suffering with diabetes or any other health issue I highly recommend you watch this film. It's a powerful, emotional and educational film that is a must see for anyone who cares about their health. The film shows how all it takes is 30 days to make a huge life-altering shift in your health.


Website: Moments That Matter

Moments That Matter ~ A Unique Connection Company specializes in Professional Connections, Gratitude Marketing, Energy Connections, Memorable Moments & Social Causes. Angie Krause works with clients from all over the world to create meaningful professional and personal connections. Moments That Matter helps you appreciate the people in your life and give back to the world in ways that increase your authentic power. Moments That Matter puts the TLC back in your personal investments. It will positively change the way you do business. Did we mention angels in the boardroom?


Product: Attraction in Action Vision Board

If you’re the smart kind of person who loves to discover easy, simple and super-fast shortcuts to making your personal and professional life a whole lot easier, the Attraction in Action Vision Board System can help you start the change process immediately and be on your way to enjoying success and achievement.


Website: Dressing Your Truth

From the field of fashion and beauty comes Dressing Your Truth. This web site provides an essential resource for women who care deeply about their body image and physical appearance. Dressing Your Truth teaches women to become their own beauty expert. Once you learn to dress your truth, we challenge you to do it for 30 days. We know it will be transformative for you both inwardly and outwardly.


Website: The Story of Stuff

The Story of Stuff is a full-media project. It's a book. It's a web site. It's an interactive experience. It's everything we need to hear over and over to alert us to what's happening in the world today. Every since the 1950s, we've been living in a consumer society designed to give us more and more stuff. Trouble is we're less happy as a society now than we have been since the, uh, 1950s. Visit the web site and learn while you're entertained. This is important "stuff."

Learn more here.


Book: Speed Dial the Universe

If you believe writing can be your greatest point of focus, then Speed Dial the Universe is a tool to guarantee your alignment and focus with the things you want most in your life. When you use this journal consistently -- about ten minutes a day -- you'll discover this time is the most productive of your day. Personal Coach Jenna Gabellini created the journal using the best processes she has found for mastering the Laws of Attraction all in one place. Speed Dial the Universe will set you up for extreme success and abundance!

Learn more here.


Book: Instant Persuasion

We love how Laurie Puhn investigates the power words have to "create resentment and conflict or support and cooperation." As a Harvard-trained lawyer, family and divorce mediator, author and television commentator, she has learned a lot from experience. This helpful book encapsulates these simple yet timeless ideas into 35 pairs of "Do" and "Don't" rules that will help you discover the communication skills you want for meaningful relationships in your personal and professional life.


Book: Add More ~ing to Your Life

We love Gabrielle Bernstein's new book, Add More ~ing to Your Life. She guides you through a process she's dubbed The ~ing Equation: Rethinking + Moving + Receiving x 30 days = Changing. The ~ing Equation is a 30-day repetition of physical activity, deliberate positive affirmations, and creative visualization. You will bulldoze negative thought patterns and create positive change so you can move forward and live an awesome life. The beauty of the ~ing Equation is that you can apply it to any life challenge.


Book: Start with Why

Simon reveals the one secret that so many inspirational people, leaders, organizations follow. You'll learn what it means when you start with a simple question and follow the results that flow from that. The book is packed with incredible stories that demonstrate the power and impact that come when your life and your work are in full alignment.

Learn more about the book here.


Product: Omyst™

Omyst™ is genius. Too often we just grab a tube of cream and have no real idea what's in it, what chemicals or where they originate. Omyst is a patented medicine created by a Family Nurse Practitioner and herbalist. It's a healing herbal first-aid spray that demonstrates the powerful constituents organic plants provide to heal skin ailments such as insect bites, scrapes, cuts, minor burns, rashes as well as ezcema, psoriasis and shingles. Omyst is equally safe and effective for babies and adults. Everyone should get a bottle of this.


Book: Women Who Run With the Wolves

This is a book I recommend to any woman right now who is wondering what it means to be feminine, to have a career, to be a mom, to be a lover, to find her creative power, to pursue a dream, to grow wiser, any woman who is looking for her place in the world. It will help you understand many facets of what it means to be a woman. Clarissa’s writing and story telling is magnificent. Buy it at Amazon.


Movie: Try It On Everything

This movie was created by friends of mine. Brother/sister team, Jessica and Nick Ortner are both in their early 20's and are a real inspiration to all of us about what's possible.

It's a film about the power of "tapping" certain energy spots on our bodies to help heal all sorts of things like fear of public speaking, chronic pain and weight loss. They inspired dozens of phenomenal experts — big names you've heard of — to participate and be interviewed.

I tap before going on TV... that should get you interested. Check it out.


Movie: The Future of Food

I blogged about this movie. It will have you think very differently about the benefits of eating organic. I wasn't convinced until I saw the facts.

Plus, it's time for us to really care about the issues facing our country around food, farmers, chemicals and also what we need to know about Genetically Modified Foods. I had no idea what was going on and I plan to speak up a lot more on this issue. This is a must see.


Book: Meet Your Meat

This is a very confronting movie with real facts about the meat, dairy, cheese and ice cream we consume. This is a documentary that will truly have you think about your food choices and the impact on your health and that of your family and loved ones. It's only 12 minutes long — that's really all you need to watch what the producers uncovered, that is being hidden from all of us.


Movie: From Ambition to Meaning

Many of you know that Wayne Dyer is a beautiful friend and teacher of mine. I have interviewed him a few times for the site and recently saw the premiere of his film here in New York.

This is his first movie and it's an incredible success. The film deals with the move from seeing life through the eyes of ego, raw ambition and selfish motives towards a deeper heart connection with everything we do with our lives. It's the eventual shift that we all will feel. Wayne provides such a safe environment to explore this transition for people in their personal lives and also with what they want their career to be about.


Website: Notes from the Universe

I get an email from "The Universe" each morning. It's a short, funny and an accurate representation of what's going on in life! And, they always make me smile.


Website: LoveNow

This video was made by a very good friend of mine, Kute Blackson, a fellow change optimist.
I fully support and love his work—this is the latest of his contributions to the world and to creating change. The video is part of a larger movement that he is trying to create, encouraging people to become more committed to loving each other and mankind well. We can all do as he encourages: Give appreciation now. Give smiles now. Give your heart now.


Product: New Leaf Touchstone Bracelets

I met Cindy when I was giving a workshop in Boston. She very kindly gave me one of her bracelets and I've been wearing it ever since. I love the 'turning a new leaf' idea. It's funny how symbols help when we are going through change, how just having a bracelet on to remind us of what our intention is, what we want to create and change, can keep us on track. They come in various colors by the way. I got a dark red one!


Product: Inside Out Rings

Here is something I can proudly say I discovered before Oprah did- coz I know she will and she will love them! These rings are amazing, I met Holly the creator at a retreat in Hawaii. The idea behind them is that what counts is on the inside first....and then bringing that to the outside world, so these rings have stones that mean various things on the inside of the ring. I have a courage ring (a red stone)- I am rarely without it. Other ones are love, health, intuition.... Get one, they work, there's something very special about them and Holly. Its a perfect gift to yourself or for someone else.


Product: Balance Water

I love this water from Australia. It has flower essences that help your mind and body—it's even great for traveling. The body feels amazing! They just arrived in the US. See what New York Magazine says about Balance Water.


Product: Inspirational Clothes

These T-shirts make me happy. They are simple and represent what's important to me.


Product: Stay True to Who You Are Bracelets

A friend of mine designed these and I wear mine proudly! It's a great reminder of how to live. I have bought a dozen already for friends.


Product: The 5 Year Journal

I have had one of these for three years now, and it's always with me. You get a few lines to reflect on each day, and you can also see how you were doing the previous year(s). It puts you on a path of progress.


Product: Udo's Oil

I start each day with a spoonful of Udo's Oil. It's a quick and easy change that will really help your body. It's made up of all healthy fats—real brain food. After taking this, your body will thank you.


Product: CoreVitál Greens

I am all for alkalizing your body. I drink a bottle of water with super green powder everyday. CoreVitál Greens are my favorite for taste and results. They're great for energy and weight loss, and I never get sick!


Product: One Lucky Duck

Raw food is energy food, full of good stuff for the body. Add raw food to every meal. This is one of my favorites—they have great products.


Product: Paige Denim

My jeans, what would I do without them? These give a good bum! Many women agree, and men, too!


Product: Rebounding

This is another one of my secrets to energy and health — a mini trampoline. I have one at home, and will soon have one in the office. Just jump on it whenever you need a boost. It helps with all types of health issues — increases brain function and creative thought. It's good during timesof change—it gets things moving again, and it's FUN. Get one at your local sports store or online.


Product: Vision Boards

Vision boards are a great representation of everything you want in your life. We have a board for the company and I have one for me personally. It's easy to do: Just cut out images, words and quotes that illustrate what you want to attract into your life. I promise you it's spectacular, and it works!


Product: Bach Rescue Remedy

I always have a bottle of this with me. It's a natural remedy for those moments of stress, unexpected news, trauma and the tough stuff that we all deal with. You can get it at any health food store—it's truly inner peace and calm in a bottle.


Other: Bikram Yoga

This is my favorite exercise, especially during times of change. It's 26 postures in a hot room—your whole mind, body and spirit will be different when you are done. I regularly go a few times a week.