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Dr. Bankole Johnson

Dr. Bankole Johnson

Physician, psychiatrist and addiction researcher

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Damian O’Hara

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Dr. Cheryl Healton

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Beginning Your Journey


Congratulations on your decision to quit smoking. This is the first day of a journey toward improving your health. More than half of all people who have ever smoked are non-smokers today, so you are not alone.

Over the next 30 days, you can expect to:

  • Become aware of the situations and events that act as triggers for your smoking.
  • Learn new habits and break old ones.
  • Enjoy a life free of the feeling of being tied down by your need to smoke.

The first day of quitting smoking isn’t just a literal day, it’s also a state of mind. Any time that you decide that you want to be done as a smoker, you are at a beginning point of possibility. Whether it’s your first attempt to quit or your hundredth, you have an opportunity to re-create a newer, improved version of the “old” you. You’ll still be the same person you have always been, only with the pride that comes from knowing you achieved something great.

DID YOU KNOW? According to the American Lung Association, smoking rates have declined steadily over the past four decades, with less than 20% of adults smoking today.

The world is embracing the healthier smoke-free lifestyle, making it easier than ever to be a non-smoker. Many restaurants, bars and even entire cities in the U.S. are passing non-smoking ordinances. You’ll feel good knowing that you can still enjoy these social environments, without feeling like you’re a slave to nicotine.

Posted: 2/22/17
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I have been married for 4 years to a man that derives pleasure from bullying a lady for silly reasons. He was a loving husband at the early stage of our marriage. I was restricted from so many thing as his wife, I must serve his dinner at a particular time every day or I get beaten like a drum, I don’t talk whenever he is talking, he banned me from going to any party or visiting my friends or family. I told my Mother if she can help me escape from the horrible jail I was into, it was becoming too much to handle, but she advised me to be defensive and pick a weapon whenever we’re fighting, which I tried but he broke my head and I was hospitalized for 3 weeks.
I got used to his mysterious behavior and I learn how to leave with it until the torture graduated to another level from beating the hell out of me to raping me every day he return drunk, he beats me and tie me up and rape me. It happen repeatedly for weeks until he threatens to cutoff my neck with a knife any day I resist. It was too much on me, I don’t want to be murdered by my beast husband and I don’t want to divorce.
This is a real life story, I never gave up on my marriage until I met Dr. Wakina through a friend whom he has helped. I didn’t know how he cast the spell after the details I provided, but the spell worked perfectly, my husband came back to his original senses and apologized to me and my family with tears running like a stream. It’s all over, he has total changed to a loving and caring husband.
I highly recommend Dr. Wakina, you can contact him for help via dr.wakinalovetemple@gmail.com


Day 3
Not even one drag
This time is different.
I can say surely
This time i feel
This is for real
No more excuses
No more being a chicken
Im quitting cold turkey


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"...Many restaurants, bars and even entire cities in the U.S. are passing non-smoking ordinances. You’ll feel good knowing that you can still enjoy these social environments, without feeling like you’re a slave to nicotine."

-- Even when I quit smoking I will not go to social environments that are prejudice against smokers. What causes people to think they have a right to condemn others? I do not wish to be around people that cannot separate the habit from the human.

  • By Shadoza
  • on 3/12/15 12:27 PM EST

I've been smoking from 20- 21 years my first cigarette it was when I was in a group home I start it was 1 pack a few weeks started buying more and more packs of cigarettes 2 I started being a heavy smoker. I didn't realize that I had a bad habit everyone telling me was too much
My fathers friend past away a few years ago from lung cancer due to smoking cigarettes.
Few years ago I try quit smoking with the nicotine gum plus the gum tasted nasty so I quit using the nicotine gum. so I decide quit smoking this year
First day quitting smoking
I decide quit smoking this year because of my heath I was spending lot money
I started quitting smoking on January 22,Tuesday 2013 at 1:45P.M afternoon was last cigarette I receive my step 1 of nicotine patches 28 days 1 first day was rough without touching any kind cigarette product I woke around 4:42 am morning I was having a rough morning. it's been 17 hours without no cigarettes