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Question:How to out on weight? Any Diet Plan


I am 24 years old (Male). My weight is 48 Kg only. and my height is 172 cm. I am a vegetarian.

I would like to increase my weight. Please let me know if i need to follow any diet plan.

Thanks in Advance,

Asked by bharathsr on 5/31/08 1 Answer»


Hi there Bharathsr, my name is Tatiana, I am a Professional, Certified Health Coach and an active member of the 'first30days' community. I work with weight gain clients and vegetarians with great success. In order to help you, I'd need a personal analysis of your situation and consultation via my website Link. In general, being vegetarian takes some thought and planning indeed, as I am sure you know. Adding in frequent healthy snacks between meals is often helpful (nuts, seeds, etc), watching that your carbs intake is adequate,that your vitamins and minerals are balanced. A trip to the doctor for a thyroid check and general checkup often helps clarify any initial questions. Most of my weight gain clients do not need a 'special' diet, although sometimes we add in nutrition milkshakes of the highest quality. These I can ensure to have delivered to your door (US address). Please refer to the site or write if I can be of any help to you. Tatiana Abend

Answered by: tatianaabend on 6/3/08
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