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Energy Food, Minus the Java

Energy Food, Minus the Java

If a cup of joe is your fix for sleepiness or if you think a glass of wine is the best stress tamer, think again. The truth is a few simple foods can help take your energy levels from blah to “I’m ready to rock!” without the java jolt.
Health experts say you should think of food for your body in the same way you do fueling up at the pump—your body needs “gas” to keep moving. Here are two of the most common energy drainers and how to fix them with foods that will keep you living healthy.
*Stack up on carbs. And we mean the good kind. Try a whole wheat English muffin with an all-fruit spread or some brown rice with fresh veggies.
*Eat chocolate! That sounds easy, right? Health gurus say a few squares of the dark kind can help boost mood-enhancing stimulants.
*Munch on greens. A salad packed with dark, leafy greens with spinach, peppers and broccoli will help keep you energized.
*Small, regular meals. Trying to drop a few pounds with diet foods can leave your energy zapped. Consider eating a few mini meals throughout the day to keep a constant flow of energy going.
*Pack in the fiber. It will help slow digestion, keeping you feeling fuller, longer. Try bananas, greens and whole grains to keep away hunger and extra pounds.
*Stay hydrated. A thirsty tongue will only make increase hunger pangs. So, be sure to consistently sip on water and unsweetened beverages. Avoid artificial sweeteners – they may only make you hungrier.
We want to know: What healthy habits do you have that keep you running strong all day? [MSNBC]

Posted: 8/31/08

These tips are great! I admit that I am quick to grab a cup of coffee when I'm tired or a drink when I am stressed. I am getting better about stress management. If I come home stressed, I make myself go run or go to the gym. Then, if I still want that drink when I'm finished, I let myself have it. But most of the time I don't want it when I'm finished working out. Ditching coffee when I'm tired sounds much more difficult. I'm trying to allow myself only one mug in the morning and after that only water.