"I have done a couple of the changes and the 30-day tips as a daily email is fantastic! You guys do a great job on this site!" -Charity
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Our Starting a New Job Experts

Polly LaBerre

Polly LaBerre

CNN business correspondent and co-author of Mavericks at Work...

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Chester Elton

Chester Elton

Co-author of The Carrot Principle and The 24-Carrot Manager

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Cathie Black

Cathie Black

President of Hearst Magazines

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Go Undercover!

I've heard about executives going undercover to check out...

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This too, shall pass.

A new job is great, until you find your boss or one of your...

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Spruce up your vocabulary

I read that a good way to make your communications memorable...

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I myself am living with Cancer...

I am trying to become GIA Certified, and be a Gemologist...

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Keep your eyes and ears open

The best thing anyone can do on a new job is watch and listen...

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Make Small Talk

Make small talk with your boss and supervisors. You want to...

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Positive Language vs Negative...

We're all guilty of phrases like: "There's nothing we can...

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