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Positive Language vs Negative Language


We're all guilty of phrases like:

"There's nothing we can do."
"That's just the way I am."
"I can't."
"I must/have to..."
"If only..."

This is considered negative or reactive language, and it's not just with others we use these phrases. A lot of times we'll talk ourselves out of perfectly good opportunities or activities with these kinds of phrases.

Instead, we should try to be more positive with our language, whether internal or external. Instead of the above phrases, consider more positive or proactive phrases, such as:

"Let's look at our alternatives."
"I can choose a different approach."
"I choose."
"I prefer..."
"I can/I will..."

Choosing more positive language helps us feel better about ourselves and our day...give it a try! I will warn you, it can be tough when you consciously start looking at your speech!

Shared by Kristy101081 on 9/29/08