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Spruce up your vocabulary


I read that a good way to make your communications memorable is to use distinctive language. Not big words no one can understand, more like a word or expression now and again that shows you were paying attention during vocabulary lessons. Need some inspiration? Sign up for a 'word of the day' email from a site like dictionary.com.

Shared by VictoriaB on 11/2/08

Something else that will make you stand out, especially with online communication: PLEASE use decent grammar and spelling. It drives me nuts to see some of the online posts (I'm an english education major). I automatically take people with proper grammar and at least decent spelling more seriously than I do others. As for Urbandictionary.com, it's cool as long as you realize that most people ('cool kids' included) don't actually use most of the words :P


I love that idea. I enjoy words, they are like little artistic flourishes in a sentence. I dont like words that are too unusual but rather interesting. I actually have a thesaurus I like to look at every now and again.
Thanks for the site too!


Thanks Victoria! I actually just put a vocabulary building software on my list for Christmas, but this is better, it's free!


I also subscribe to Urbandictionary.com. I get a crazy new slang word in my inbox every morning. I feel like it helps me keep in touch with what the cool kids are up to these days.


I love this, VictoriaB. My fiance and I were just having this discussion last night. There is a fine line between using different words and using words just to be different. He was telling me about an ex of his who constantly felt the need to use the word "uber" -- "He's, like, uber smart." OK, well, he might be, but you're not just because you use the word "uber." Ha, ha, ha....

Anyway, thanks for the tip!