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Polly LaBerre

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Chester Elton

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Cathie Black

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I myself am living with Cancer, but I live each and everyday, like It's my Last, and it makes me worry less. I do not look ahead, only a minute or two ahead. It's all I can handle right now.


I am trying to become GIA Certified, and be a Gemologist. It's been my passion for a very long time now. I love Jewelry, and actually even more, how it's made, the stones, the gems, the settings, cuttings. All of it. I will make it, I am sure.!

Shared by Amazin2Me on 10/24/08

Hey, a fellow rock person! I've always been fascinated with rocks. Thank you for sharing your story. I wish I could share your ability to live for today. You're a very brave person. Good luck with the certification.


I admire your courage in the courage of something so scary and serious as cancer. One of my good friends, only 26, is dealing with yet another bout of an extremely rare and serious form of cancer, and I'm amazed at how she faces it with such courage and sometimes humor.

Good luck with becoming GIA Certified!

  • By aliciak
  • on 10/28/08 10:03 AM EST

Wow, amazin2Me, thanks for sharing. I come on this site a lot to look for inspiration and the fact that you're determined to live every day to the fullest is a great example. Best of luck in your persuit.