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Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Party Switchers

If elections are all about change, the tight democratic race is taking it to a new level. Voters are not only changing their views on politics (becoming decidedly more interested in the process) and increasing their hope for a brighter future, but many are also changing their political party.

Take Oregon. As the state’s primary inches closer (May 20), many voters are making a major change. In the past seven weeks about 10,000 have refiled as Democrats—3500 who were once registered Republicans! And Pennsylvania has registered 235,000 new Democrats—just in time for its April 22nd primary.

“The bottom line is, this is the first Oregon presidential primary I have ever voted in my life that actually could matter, and I am not going to pass up that chance just because I am registered with the wrong party,” 45-year old Matthew Buckingham told Fox News. I want to make sure whoever gets in there, it is someone I can live with.”

Would you change your political affiliation for the chance to vote for the right candidate?