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Sunday, October 5, 2008

Three Rules for Change

It's been an eventful last few days. At the Pennsylvania Governors Conference for Women, Elizabeth Edwards, the keynote speaker had to cancel last minute for health reasons. I was asked to step in and take the main stage in front of 6,000 people. If that's not stretching your change muscle, I don't know what reminded me of what Eleanor Roosevelt once said—"you learn by living." You gain strength, courage and confidence by every expierence in which you really stop to look fear in the face.

I interviewed Bob Harper (a trainer on NBC's "The Biggest Loser") about health and fitness. I loved what he has to say about how we are all "drinking our calories" with coffee drinks, smoothies and alcohol. If you're committed to living healthier, check out the Change Nation interview I did with him a few months ago that explains why drinking our calories isn't the healthiest behavior and find out what you can do instead. If you want to make that change, now's the time. Believe me, its easier to start today than on January 1!

After I returned from the conference I went to the Giants game here in NYC with Steve Tisch, their co-owner and chairman. It's a great way to see your first ever professional football game, I must say, as a European!! I met most of the players, including Eli Manning, and watched as the team played an incredible game beating the Seattle Seahawks 44 to 6. I got to ask Steve a few 'change questions' (of course. How could I not!) The best change he ever made was moving his family back to NYC from LA when he heard his dad had been diagnosed with an incurable brain tumor. He is a believer in the change guarantee—that good things always come from even the hardest changes you can imagine. He shared 3 pieces of life wisdom that stuck with me during our conversations:

  • Remove the words fair/unfair from your vocabulary when thinking about your life and circumstances
  • Luck is the residue of your dreams and desires
  • Life is much easier when you stop caring about what people think about you

I'm in NYC this week. What a concept—no traveling! There's a bunch of good press coming out on us so check back on our home page regularly, especially for articles to help you stay on track during these times of change in the country.


I used to get hung up on the idea of everything having to be fair. I can't remember when I let it go, but it came along with age and experience, knowing life is not always fair.