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Young Adults and Addiction: The Benefits of Inpatient Care

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Jack  Kornfield

Jack Kornfield

Clinical psychologist, meditation instructor and author

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Sharon Salzberg

Sharon Salzberg

Co-founder of the Insight Meditation Society and magazine...

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Stephan Bodian

Stephan Bodian

Meditation teacher and author of Meditation for Dummies

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Your Journey Begins


Welcome! Meditation is an ancient way to create more calm, ease, delight, poise, balance, openness, clarity and inner harmony. If you’re feeling nervous or unsure about pursuing meditation, don’t worry. The goal is not to certify you as a Zen-meditation master or force you into lotus position. This is a jargon-free, judgment-free and failure-free zone for you to enter and explore. In these first 30 days, you will:

  • Explore what’s possible through a regular meditation practice.
  • Learn how to face challenging obstacles to meditation.
  • Understand how to begin meditating.

Our aim is to instill you with the tools and techniques to explore the contours of the great and beautiful mystery of who you are.

DID YOU KNOW? Human beings have been meditating for more than 4,000 years. The roots of the practice lie in Indian texts and Buddha’s teachings, although it did not become a regular practice in the U.S. until the 1960s. If you’ve never tried it before, now is the time to begin!


Posted: 9/27/16
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I have always wanted to meditate because my life is extremely hectic and I need to quieten my mind and find a way of relaxing - without the urgency of life/responsibilities/tasks taking me over (which is how I feel most of the time).

I hope that this process of learning how to meditate will help me create and help me find a balance.



Find a quiet time and place where I will be undisturbed by anyone or anything. ME time!


I can't seem to quiet my mind enough to meditate.


I have tried meditation and it simply doesn't work for me. I can't get past the conscious state. I also tried hypnosisi and can't manage that. That's probably why I have trouble sleeping and have high blood pressure. Any suggestion?

  • By Reborn
  • on 12/24/08 5:19 PM EST

I been mediating for the last three years. It is hard for me to stay on a schedule when it comes to mediate in the morning. I place to many rules on myself regarding the right way I should mediate. This is what is holding me back from enjoying the experience.