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Dr. Thomas Moore

Dr. Thomas Moore

Senior author of The DASH Diet for Hypertension

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Dr. Norman Kaplan

Dr. Norman Kaplan

Professor of internal medicine at the University of Texas...

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Dr. Mark Houston

Dr. Mark Houston

Author and director of Hypertension Institute at Saint Thomas...

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100 Questions & Answers About High Blood Pressure (Hypertension) (100 Questions & Answers about . . .)

Whether the questions are basic or complex, Townsend offers easy-to-understand answers to bring you up to speed on high blood pressure, its causes and its treatments.
Posted: 07/23/2008 11:49 AM EST more »


25 Natural Ways To Lower Blood Pressure

A concise collection of checklists, facts, tips and suggestions, this book offers a solid footing on how to start naturally lowering high blood pressure.
Posted: 07/23/2008 11:48 AM EST more »


5 Steps to Controlling High Blood Pressure

A great companion text and follow up to the much-respected and widely-read Mayo Clinic on High Blood Pressure, this book arms its readers with simple, easy to follow steps to a healthier heart outlook. Targeted specifically at controlling high blood pressure, the book offers tips for a healthier overall lifestyle as well.
Posted: 07/23/2008 12:04 PM EST more »


American Heart Association Low-Salt Cookbook, 3rd Edition: A Complete Guide to Reducing Sodium and Fat in Your Diet

Researched and written by the A.H.A., this collection of recipes and information is the go-to kitchen resource for cooking heart-healthy meals.
Posted: 07/23/2008 11:50 AM EST more »


Control High Blood Pressure Without Drugs: A Complete Hypertension Handbook

Rowan presents the reader with information on how lifestyle, diet, exercise and drug therapies can affect high blood pressure. He offers clear, simple guidelines and includes recipes to help control high blood pressure from different angles.  
Posted: 07/23/2008 11:56 AM EST more »


Eat to Beat High Blood Pressure

Reader’s Digest presents this fun and fact-filled cookbook in the same upbeat and user-friendly manner for which the publisher has long been known. Offering a diet plan and nutritional information for each recipe, this cookbook makes lowering high blood pressure a very tasty project.
Posted: 07/23/2008 11:58 AM EST more »


High Blood Pressure for Dummies

As with all the Dummies books, this book has a back-to-basics presentation that cuts right to the chase concerning high blood pressure. Full of tips, tricks and checklists, it puts a wealth of common-language information at your fingertips. A must-have for any bookshelf.
Posted: 07/23/2008 12:00 PM EST more »