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Dr. Mark Hyman

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Joy Bauer

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Dr. Arthur Agatston

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Answer:i am an apple with pear like features. I have a bigger middle and bottom.otherwords i am fat with a big gut and butt.! I would love to lose 115 pounds...
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Answer:Dear Jaymarie, I just read your question in reference to meds keeping you from loosing weight, I know all too well what you are experiencing and I...
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Answer:I have never tried it, but I tried Garcinia Cambogia, it is one of the best natural appetite supressant: http://emiraclegarciniacambogia.com/garcinia...
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Answer:Identify the "wrong foods," but rather than say, "I'm going to cut out all of them," start with one or two. So, if you buy entemann's for instance...
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Answer:I do have some fish that I recently added to the menu. Thanks for the suggestion!
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Answer:Give it away, for sure. Family, friends. If you have lots of sweets you don't want in the house, bring them to work :) Drink water before you start...
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Answer:I'm not a morning person either. But I decided it was better not to fight it. So I actually would exercies between 9 and 10 at night, or later. That...
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