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The Power of Living Foods


You may be trying to figure out the right diet for your journey toward living healthier. You’ve heard of Weight Watchers, The South Beach Diet and numerous other mainstream options. Have you heard of the Raw Food diet? More and more people are gravitating towards raw foods to lose weight and improve their health.

The Raw Food movement, also known as the “Living Foods” movement, is based on the idea your body is made to process “raw” foods. Proponents, like healthy living expert David Wolfe, believe living foods have essential enzymes that are damaged or destroyed once they’re cooked at temperatures higher than 115 degrees fahrenheit. Meals usually consist of fruits, vegetables and nuts. Eating these natural foods in their raw state provides your body with the enzymes and nutrients needed to increase digestion. Other reported benefits include clear skin, fat loss, increased energy and prevention of some chronic diseases.

Though fruits like apples and oranges are good, there are certain nutrient-rich super foods like super blue-green algae and bee pollen that really aid in improving one’s health. The core component of the raw food diet is lots of green, leafy vegetables like kale that provide iron, magnesium and calcium.

If the idea of giving up grilled chicken frightens you, start small. Try replacing one meal a day with a raw food meal. Once you get accustomed to it, try eating only raw foods for a week or more.

Posted: 12/5/22

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The sound of eating "raw" can sound scary but there's an article in Whole Living that actually has some really yummy recipes! Check it out ^_^ : Link


Folks! "The Raw Food movement, also known as the “Living Foods” movement,..." Huh???? Raw Foods are not always Living Foods, and it's a huge mistake to call them the same.