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Yoga Students Do It Better

Yoga Students Do It Better

It seems yoga can help you do anything these days. It’s been linked to all sorts of health benefits, like reducing blood pressure, keeping you fit, stress relief and better posture. But the rewards don’t end there: Engaging in yoga classes regularly can help improve your sex life, too. Here are just a hanful of ways you can experience bedroom bliss thanks to that downward dog pose:

Better Orgasms
Yoga can help you achieve stronger orgasms because as you regularly test your body with different poses, you strengthen your pelvic floor muscles and sex organs. The stronger these muscles, the easier and stronger your orgasms become.

Increased Energy
When you have no energy, you’re rarely in the mood, right? Yoga and exercise in general boosts your energy, and gets your blood pumping. When you’re relaxed and energetic, it’s a lot easier to be playful.

New Positions
Practicing yoga regularly challenges you to hold poses you wouldn’t have dreamed possible when you first started. Similarly, if you flip through a guide of the Kama Sutra, you’ll be amazed at the different positions you might be able to perform with your more supple body.

Better Foreplay
Yoga reminds you that you can’t just jump into challenging poses. You have to warm your body up first. Spending extra time on foreplay can lead to a more enriched sexual experience.

Heightened Sexuality

When you feel more confident, are in tune with your body and engaging in the best sex ever, it brings out your natural sexuality. You’ll feel sexier, happier and ready to keep the good times rolling. 

Have you noticed an improvement in your sex life from your yoga classes? [Fox News]

Posted: 10/3/08

I knew there was a reason yoga
helps you feel young and sexy


I can so attest to the part that yoga plays in a great sex life.
Being in touch with my own body through attuned movement activity has enhanced my sensual experience ten fold. Plus being in a roomful of beautiful yoga girls doesnt hurt either.