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"I love your book. It is helping me to acknowledge negative thoughts and emotions and turn them around, instead of letting them circle in my head." -Teresa
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Take Me to Your Guru

Take Me to Your Guru

Having a guru has become rather trendy, especially since the popularity of Elizabeth Gilbert’s bestseller Eat, Pray, Love and recent release of Mike Myers’ film, "The Love Guru." Gurus can be the guiding light on your journey to living more spiritually and help you to put everything in your life in perspective by providing wisdom and enlightened answers. Still, you might want to hold off on running down to your nearest temple to ask for an experienced guru with great references to help guide your journey.

According to Rob Sidon, spokesman for one of the most well-known female gurus, Amma, the concept of a guru should not be taken lightly. He describes the subject as “sacred” and “deeply mystical.” Rather than seeking out a guru who ultimately serves as your guide, you should allow a guru to find you.

For more information, see this New York Post article on finding a guru. You might also talk to yoga instructors, acupuncturists or anyone else knowledgeable on the subject. Remember that a true guru will not take anything from you. If one ever asks you for money, you’ve been bamboozled.

If you are not ready for a guru quite yet, try incorporating meditation into your daily routine. You don’t have to buy a yoga mat or sit Indian style—just take five minutes at your desk, before bedtime or whenever you can, and concentrate on your breathing to relieve your body of stress and your mind of negativity. Need some tips? Check out our meditation expert Arjuna Ardagh's advice on Beliefnet.

Posted: 8/22/08
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The Eastern Philosophies are gaining popularity and as more people of that background establish their roots in the US I guess that is to be expected. What bothers me is the fact that the US began due to Christian beginnings and although the right to religion was in the beginning, I don't think our forefathers had any idea what that was leading to. I know I am opening a bag of worms bringing this up, but our country is in grave danger as the population continues to turn its back on "God" and turn to religions that are not backed by the living God and Jesus Christ who went to the cross unblelmished to pay for our sins so we would not be banished to Hell and the Lake of Fire for all eternity. I would ask all who do not follow or believe in Him to consider this and what their lack of faithin Him, or their allegiance to a religion without a God that is alive today leaves them for their future when their earthly body fails,----and as an ICU RN for 25 years I have seen some very unpleasant and untimely ends of lives. We are given no guarantee of how long we will live, so urgency to answer these questions is of the essence.

  • By Reborn
  • on 8/23/08 12:21 PM EST

Very interesting & wise advice. Perhaps we can meet the guru within us, in meditation?