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Brusha Brusha Brusha

Brusha Brusha Brusha

Ask anyone why it’s important to brush your teeth and you’ll get the same answer: To keep your teeth clean so you don’t get cavities (or worse, bad breath). Those things are important, but there are other reasons you want to keep your mouth healthy.

Research has shown that good tooth and gum health is directly related to good heart health. It is thought that those with lower levels of bacteria in the mouth will have lower levels of atherosclerosis, the arterial disease that leads to heart attacks and strokes. It's also been found that women who have poor tooth and gum health might be putting their pregnancies at risk: There is increasing evidence of an association between maternal gum disease and low-birth weight babies.

So, what can you do? Everyone can benefit from better oral health. Brush twice a day, everyday, gently and thoroughly. And, if you're like us, you need to be more diligent about flossing. Try doing it at the end of each day, right before bed. Keep the floss out and visible on the bathroom counter or by the bed if it helps remind you to do it. Though it might feel like a nuisance, spending an extra two minutes on your teeth every evening will help you stay healthier longer. It's a small change that can add up to big results.

Posted: 8/13/08
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I can vouch for this - you just cannot do enough cleaning! Heredity plays a big factor where our teeth are concerned, so if your parent(s) had dental issues, chances are you will too. So no matter how healthy your smile may look today, diligent care can make a big difference down the road in your smile AND in your pocket. Most plans do not cover a large amount of dental work, and it can be extremely costly. Also: did you know that poor gums and gum disease can actually contribute to heart disease down the road? Floss, floss, floss and use that proxy brush as well - it's a great tool for keeping your gums and teeth healthy.