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Question:Would you break up with someone who didn't share your political ideals?

There's a funny article on TheFrisky (Link today about how a woman can put up with differences in musical tastes, beer-drinking habits and almost anything else, but when she and her BF voted for different candidates, it was a definite dealbreaker.

I'm not sure I could be with someone who didn't share my political ideals; it would likely be indicative of greater differences in opinion on big life issues.

Asked by Kiki76 on 11/4/08 9 Answers»


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Answered by: raymondjer5 on 8/15/15
Brenda Della Casa


If one partner is fiscally conservative while the other believes in after-school programs and universal healthcare, the issue might be less of a problem than it would be for a couple whose political ideology is closely associated with their core value system. The real question is, can you respectfully agree to disagree with your partner? For some couples, heated debates can be a great aphrodisiac!

Brenda Della Casa
Author, Cinderella Was a Liar

Answered by: Brenda Della Casa on 11/21/08


Because your partner has a different political views is not a reason to end a relationship. This should greaten your communication on why you both have different views. I have dated a man and both was on different sides of the party. It did not cause any conflict but allow us both to have open minds. There will be things either of you will not agree on. Allowing yourself to listen(does not mean you have to agree; you may just learn something.

Answered by: marah2448 on 11/7/08


My husband and I have been on opposite sides of the fence in this election, but it hasn't had a negative impact on our marriage. In fact, I enjoy our heated political debates (we just make sure not to discuss politics all the time). It also helps that in my family, everyone has their own political opinion, so I am used to being at odds every now and then. We have had many "arguments" about politics around the dinner table, and it hasn't hurt our family dynamic in the least.

Answered by: lindad14 on 11/4/08


It depends on how many things you disagree on. In any relationship, you will have different views on all sorts of things, so you pick your battles, i.e., which are you willing to compromise on and which aren't you.

Answered by: aliciak on 11/4/08
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