"...the beauty of the model is that they can do well by doing good." -Cory
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Michael Anthony

Michael Anthony

Teacher and author of How to be Happy and Have Fun Changing...

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Tim Ferriss

Tim Ferriss

Entrepreneur and best-selling author of The 4-Hour Workweek

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M.J. Ryan

M.J. Ryan

Creator of the Random Acts of Kindness series

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101 Exercises for the Soul: Divine Workout Plan for Body, Mind, and Spirit

Dr. Bernie Siegel uses his trademark humor and insight to guide readers toward self-healing and an inspired life. Each of the 20 chapters covers a different topic, such as overcoming obstacles, creating a positive mental attitude and building a stronger spiritual foundation. 101 Exercises for the Soul shows how anyone can infuse their life with love and well-being.
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365 Health and Happiness Boosters

Spread happiness to friends and family with a tip per day for the next year!
Posted: 05/29/2008 01:45 PM EST more »


365 Prescriptions for the Soul: Daily Messages of Inspiration, Hope, and Love

A daily guide for navigating life's challenges, 365 Prescriptions for the Soul offers bite-sized insights with Dr. Siegel's unique blend of heart-touching humor and wisdom. Designed to fit into a busy schedule, the meditations are easy to understand and can help create a sense of well-being by pointing the way to more peaceful, loving, and conscious living. As Siegel summarizes: "What heals the soul, heals the mind and body as well."
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A Grateful Heart: Daily Blessings for the Evening Meal from Buddha to the Beatles

A blessing a day helps you celebrate and appreciate friendship, love, peace, reconciliation, the body, nature, joy and this very moment.
Posted: 05/29/2008 01:41 PM EST more »


Attitudes of Gratitude: How to Give and Receive Joy Everyday of Your Life

Short essays remind you why it's important to be thankful every day of your life.
Posted: 05/29/2008 01:35 PM EST more »


Authentic Happiness: Using the New Positive Psychology to Realize Your Potential for Lasting Fulfillment

The author encourages you to push your weakness aside and to bring out your best qualities and strengths to be used every day to be happy.  
Posted: 01/17/2008 07:38 PM EST more »


Eight Steps to Happiness: The Buddhist Way of Loving Kindness

In the Kadampa Buddhist tradition, this book explains how to meditate with specific Buddhism teachings of how to train your mind and open your heart.
Posted: 01/17/2008 07:30 PM EST more »