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Wednesday, February 13, 2008

The Super Bowl of Life

I know here in New York City, we are still celebrating the success of our fabulous team! There are a few life lessons we can learn from the Giants’ upset victory in the Super Bowl over the New England Patriots, who where favored by more than 13 points to win.

1. Don’t underestimate anyone, any team or idea; and, especially, don’t underestimate yourself.

2. There is power in strong beliefs—the Giants knew they could win. Beliefs are the foundation of strength, courage and ability.

3. The Change Guarantee™—something good will always come. You can even be injured for a year and then score the winning touchdown, a la Plaxico Burress.

4. Change is Good. You have to change things up a bit to succeed. The Patriots played the same game they had been working with all season; the Giants stepped up.

5. Practice makes perfect. As you watched the highlights you may have seen a video of Eli Manning and Plaxico Burress practicing the exact catch that won them the Super Bowl.

6. Teamwork pays off. The Giants banded together as a team to win. Though there was only one player awarded MVP, I’m sure he would agree that the team won together.

7. Keep yourself surrounded by those who support you. Peyton Manning, the Super Bowl MVP from last year, sat in the stands supporting his brother Eli throughout the game and his career. The Mannings also have another brother, who doesn’t play football, who was quoted saying how proud he was of his brothers. He’s happy to support them and celebrates their differences.

There are many more I could list, but I’d really like to hear what you think.

And just for laughs, take a look back at some of the commercials you may have missed on bathroom breaks.