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Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Tales from Seattle...and More

One of the most amazing things about being an author is the opportunity to visit new people in new places. I've always loved Amazon and wondered what the company was like. All I knew is what most people know-it is based in Seattle (a beautiful city I'd never been to, actually) and that it's one of the fastest growing companies out there!

It's in the Chinatown area, right by a Starbucks (naturally) and some ridiculously good cookie shop! I wish I remembered the name and could have them ship me a weekly dozen of the oatmeal chocolate chip. Fully loaded on sugar, I walked into a lovely office building. Not what I expected! I imagined all these "Amazonians" changing the world in some run down loft/warehouse actually-probably forgetting that they've been around more than a year and can afford a nice office!

The company invited me to speak as part of their Authors@Amazon series. I had a captive audience of enthusiastic Amazon employees and was able to informally share with them some thoughts from my book as well as my personal story. I was surprised and happy that there were several people who were not from the US-people from all over the world had followed their dream to come work at Amazon and they were there, creating value. I had a chat with someone in French and with someone in German.

Many of the questions they had I had never been asked before, which was great fun. Here are some examples:

  • How does the language you grew up in influence how good you are at change? Are there any clues there?
  • How do you deal with self-sabotage and procrastination?
  • How can parents helps their kids get good at change?
  • Are people in cities better at change than others?
  • Do you get better at change as you grow older or does it become harder?

What do you think? Any answers to those questions from your perspective? I'll post some answers/thoughts of my own about those in the near future. Meanwhile, if you'd like to watch some of my talk at Amazon, you can view it here (just look for the Related Media tag mid-page). I've also got a few radio interviews coming up this week that you may want to tune in to:

Tuesday, 08/05
Dr. Alvin Jones

Thursday, 08/07
Candace Bushnell
Sirius Channel 102

Friday, 08/07
XM Channel 155

Feel free as always to ask your own questions related to change and let me and the team know what you're going through. We love hearing your stories!