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Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Applying the Change Principles To Your Life

On Monday's "Conversations with the Masters" call, I really tried to focus the 9 principles of change to what's going on in most of our lives right now. All those changes we are finding difficult—job losses, relationship issues, financial fears—and also those changes we just wish we could make.

With the New Year looming, many of us are looking back on 2008 and not feeling so great about ourselves. We didn't lose the weight, didn't leave that job or the relationship we know is pretty much over. We got lost in our excuses or time just seemed to pass too quickly.

If you weren't able to listen in (we had several hundred people on the call) the complete audio is available and full of action, tips, and things you can do. I encourage you to listen to it today.


Thanks for getting these change agents to share their experience with us.
You ought to gather these insights in a new book!

  • By Alexis
  • on 11/24/08 2:35 PM EST

Thank you Ariane. I'm enjoying listening to the radio interviews. I have them on when I'm working as an added motivation. They are great.

  • By truepb
  • on 11/15/08 5:34 AM EST