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Work Your Body, Work Your Mind

It took me a long time to admit that I wasn’t successfully coping with my depression and anxiety on my own. It took even longer to come up with a plan to fight back against my own...

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Dr. Thomas Moore

Dr. Thomas Moore

Senior author of The DASH Diet for Hypertension

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Dr. Norman Kaplan

Dr. Norman Kaplan

Professor of internal medicine at the University of Texas...

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Dr. Mark Houston

Dr. Mark Houston

Author and director of Hypertension Institute at Saint Thomas...

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True or False Quiz

True or False Quiz

So just how well are you doing at managing your high blood pressure? Hypertension is a serious health diagnosis, but it can be kept easily in check. Take this quiz to test your heart health knowledge:

TRUE OR FALSE: Sweating, nervousness and/or fatigue are symptoms of high blood pressure.
ANSWER: False. High blood pressure rarely has any signs or symptoms, especially in the beginning stages. Without having your blood pressure taken on a regular basis, such as when you go to the doctor’s office, you may never know you have high blood pressure until you develop heart disease, have a stroke or experience kidney failure.

TRUE OR FALSE: Women are at risk for a high blood pressure health diagnosis.
ANSWER: True. Younger or middle-aged men have a higher risk for high blood pressure than women of the same age, but that switches after age 55. Women also have different risk factors than men. Smoking and being on birth control increase a woman’s chance of developing high blood pressure. Pregnancy can also increase a woman’s hypertension chances.

TRUE OR FALSE: Home blood pressure monitoring kits are a waste of money.
ANSWER: False. Monitoring your blood pressure at home is strongly encouraged by doctors. Granted, some work better than others, but it’s your responsibility as a discriminating consumer to see which one is right for you.

TRUE OR FALSE: One in three Americans has high blood pressure.
ANSWER: True. The number of U.S. citizens with high blood pressure has soared in recent years, thanks in part to the obesity epidemic.

TRUE OR FALSE: Changing your lifestyle won’t affect your blood pressure.
ANSWER: False. Regular exercise and a healthy diet filled with lots of fruits, vegetables and whole grains can help reduce blood pressure. Taking prescribed medications as directed by your doctor can also help lower your blood pressure. Losing weight, and limiting your salt and alcohol intake can also help.

So how well did you do? What additional steps could you be taking to better manage your high blood pressure? [Kitsap Sun]

Posted: 8/28/08