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The Skinny on Losing Weight

The Skinny on Losing Weight

There’s no question that we are fed a lot of messages through the various forms of media that bombard us everyday. When it comes to dieting and losing weight, some of these messages even seem conflicting or contradictory of what we think we already know. Tell us the truth, already! How do you know what to believe when you’re attempting to get healthier and shed some pounds?
Fitness guru Tom Gilliam and his coauthor Jane Neill, R.D., drawing from their book Move It. Lose It. Live Healthy: The Simple Truth About Achieving & Maintaining a Healthy Body Weight, dispel 11 common myths about losing weight. Here are just a few of them:
Myth: Vegetarian = Healthy Don't be fooled by a restaurant's attempt to make a dish healthy by calling it "vegetarian." To replace some of the flavor of meat, often unhealthy substitutes are added. Make sure you know exactly what is going into your meal.

Myth: Reduced fat = Low in fat.
Not necessarily true! In order for a product to be able to tout the “reduced fat” label, it needs to have 25% less fat than the original. If we’re talking French fries or frozen pizzas, this reduction may not even make a dent.
Myth: If you exercise, you need to drink a sports drink. Those drinks are full of sugar and any electrolytes you might gain can easily be ingested in a healthy diet. Unless you're training for the Tour de France, stick with water.
Have you debunked any myths about losing weight or staying healthy lately? [Newsblaze.com]

Posted: 11/14/08

This is interesting. I knew these were just myths, so to speak. What I want to know is this. I read an article sometime back (can't find it to share now either...sorry) about a guy who drank three glasses of water with each meal and he lost weight. Probably because he ate less, but I'm just curious. Is that much water really going to help lose weight? I drink 4-5 glasses a day most days, but I should drink more just because I feel thirsty all the time - which is a sign of dehydration. But, I was just curious. I'm not opposed to drinking water and this seems much easier than all these fad diets. Has anyone heard anything about this?


Yes, I actually just read today that it's not a good idea to have a snack after working out. It's true that serious, professional athletes need to refuel after training, but for those of us who are looking to be healthy and lose weight, lots of water is enough. Here's the article: Link


I love what Bob Harper, from The Biggest Loser has to say about how we "drink" so many calories without realizing it.