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Losing Your Wardrobe

Losing Your Wardrobe

You’ve been shedding pounds through changes in diet and exercise, and you’re really starting to see the progress. A size 18, now 16, now 12! Woohoo! Hands down, it’s great news to lose weight and live a healthier lifestyle—you’ll probably even save money in the long run when it comes to healthcare and illness. But upon further perusal of your closet and dresser, you realize something: You can’t fit into any of your clothes because they are all too big!
Wearing clothes that are too tight can be unflattering, but the same goes for clothes that are too big. If you look like you’re drowning in oversized garments, it will be hard to really see your progress then. Can you afford to buy an entire new wardrobe? What if you are at size 12 now, but your goal is size 8? You’ll have to revisit the same clothing issue months down the road if you get there.
There’s a company that may help you out in this transitional time, aptly called Transitional Sizes. Basically you rent clothes for the short-term by visiting them online, picking out a few things and waiting for your new threads to show up in the mail. Would you consider using such a service? If not, how do you deal with the wardrobe issue when you’re losing weight? [Orlando Sentinel]

Posted: 10/23/08

Another thing that is helpful is to have your clothes altered. Most dry cleaners offer a tailoring service. It doesn't cost very much money (close to the prices it costs for the one-month rental prices on that website) and you get to keep your favorite pieces for longer. Also, the clothes then perfectly fit your body so they look sharper. Although altering usually is limited to making a change 2-3 sizes from the original cut (more than that and the garment would start to look odd). However, I'm usually ready to buy something new after 2 to 6 months anyhow.

  • By kimresh
  • on 8/12/09 3:12 PM EST

What a great idea! I wonder how well the company is doing? I would imagine this satisfies a serious need in the marketplace. Kudos to the originators!


This is an awesome idea. I had been waiting to buy new clothes because I knew I was going to lose more weight, but I hated swimming in larger clothes. I wonder if local clothing stores would do this!


Best. Idea. Ever. As someone who's been through it I can say that the "in between months" are the worst! You have this new healthy body but no one can see it in baggy duds.

  • By Eva1873
  • on 10/23/08 3:13 PM EST