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Treadmill Versus Pavement

Treadmill Versus Pavement

As if getting outside or trekking it to the gym for a run was not already tough enough, researchers are giving us one more thing to think about when we're getting in shape. The question that is now being raised is—pavement or treadmill?

Which one has a more positive affect on endurance, and does one burn more calores than the other?

Experts say the answers to such questions are more complicated than a simple yes or no, but in general studies have shown that while running outside may burn more calories, a treadmill has a better safeguard against injuries.

The benefits to either one are obvious. Jogging amongst nature has proven to be more intense, but a gym rat lifestyle may allow you to run longer and farther, according to The New York Times.

Several studies have shown running outdoors burns about five percent more calories than a treadmill. This fact lends itself to the idea that pounding the pavement involves a greater wind resistance and less assistance from the likes of a treadmill belt.
But if longevity is a matter with which a runner wishes to be concerned, then experts have discovered a workout on a treadmill can lead to fewer stress injuries in the leg.

The verdict? Although researchers cannot give exercisers a running locale preference, they say joggers can rest assured that, while running on pavement typically burns slightly more calories, it also elevates the risk of stress fractures.

We want to hear from you. Do you prefer to workout on a treadmill or in your neighborhood? Do you feel a difference when you do one or the other? [The New York Times]

Posted: 5/8/08

I would love to run outside because it's free! But unfortunately, my allergies would flare up...and not being able to breathe while running is quite a problem. So I stick to the treadmill and I don't mind it--it pushes me along to run more than I think I could without that extra "motivation."

  • By maggie
  • on 5/8/08 4:21 PM EST