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Mosquitoes Like to Exercise, Too

Mosquitoes Like to Exercise, Too

If you have never been for a walk or run outside and had a mosquito repeatedly bounce off your body, begging for a bite, than you are one of the lucky folks because most people who step outside to sweat it out have noticed that little bugs are keen to the smell of their workout.
And health experts say that notion is true—mosquitoes are easily attracted to people who are easy to find, making you and your sweaty self a prime target.
Researchers have found there are three fitness signals that appeal to the buggers: body temperature, carbon dioxide emitted by your breath and specific skin chemicals, like lactic acid. Add these factors to the heat that is produced by your skin, and you have a recipe that makes any exerciser more prone to bites during and after a workout.
Mosquitoes are often attracted to darker colors, so one tip researchers offer is to wear light colors when you hit the great outdoors for a sweat session. An exerciser should also avoid using perfumes or lotions with a scent.  And not that anyone is going to be hitting the bottle before a workout, doctors say alcohol appears to make people more attractive to bugs.
If you don’t like smelly skin repellents, then use some natural protectors, including eucalyptus, soybean oil or citronella.
We are curious: Why do you think mosquitoes often bite right on our ankles? [The New York Times]

Posted: 7/2/08

maggie -- Yeah, I guess so, but those ones on the ankles and between the toes sure are a pain! (:


because they know it's an easy place for us to reach down and scratch! :o)

  • By maggie
  • on 7/2/08 1:48 PM EST