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just a quick poem for depression



Is it hard to feel that you are a blessing?
You know that God made you for someone,
But at times you feel you are done,
You are losing this race you are trying to run.
Life is not fair and it sure is not done.

Are you always stressing that you are not as good as you should be?
I know, I feel you, me too.
You feel you are fat, and you don't think your smart,
You probably would think you deserved if you were shot with a dart.

Are you always guessing you will not go nowhere in life?
All you think you can do is cause strife,
And not to long ago everything was going wrong
So you reached for a knife.
You felt no life is better than the one you have,
And still today, you can start feeling the same way.

You hate to get up on any given day,
You are scared you are not smart enough to go the right way,
You want to cry when come what may.
All you truthfully want to do is lay and die,
And you want to start saying bye today.

Come with me my friend,
Someone can change the way things mind,
It is just the day, it is Sunday,
Let the ray of sun shine,
We are going to the almighty counsealer.
We is a councilor for any counsel that believes he is almighty.

Alrighty, let's go,
His love is always going to flow,
All you need to do is know, love and accept him.
He will fix your problems, then fill your cup rim.

Rita Hawkins

Shared by ritahawkins on 3/17/09

Great Poem. Love it!


That is a fantastic poem! Much of what you said describes what I am going through now. I want for this thick fog of depression to disappear as quickly as it came. There's so much I want to do in this life, but I feel weighed down by these huge anchors. I'm looking for those rays of sunshine and blue sky to roll on in. Thank you again for this great piece of writing. God Bless.