"I want you to know that I love your website. It is so informative and easy to read. It is one of the best I have ever come across-so bright and cheerful." -Mary
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Our Breaking Up Experts

MJ Acharya

MJ Acharya

Author, blogger and healer of broken hearts

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Mike Riley

Mike Riley

Co-author of How To Heal A Broken Heart In 30 Days

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Melissa Kantor

Melissa Kantor

Author of the young adult novel The Breakup Bible

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We learn what we want by experiencing...

However, many times we don't realize what we don't want until...

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Breaking Up

I think that breaking up can be a metaphor for "getting...

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It's All In My Mind

My break up was hard for me.  I moved across the country...

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Dear Hurting Cupid...

My heart goes out to you in such a big way right now. ...

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Breakup Survival Guide

I love the title of Alison James' book in the resources section...

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The uncontested break-up

Not all break-ups are bad, filled with drama or dread each...

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The silver lining

I broke up with my boyfriend and then had immediate, torturous...

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