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Question:What are you grateful for this year?

We know that being grateful leads to being happier, so let's list some things we're grateful for this year.

I for one am grateful for the existence of this web site, not only because it employs me, but because I see how it helps others.

What are you grateful for this year?

Asked by VictoriaB on 11/24/08 7 Answers»


I am grateful for having a job at all.

I am grateful for the family that I did have for 39 years of my life.

I am grateful for having some good friends.

I am grateful for the New Year

Answered by: kimberk on 1/12/09


I am grateful for the friends that I have.

Answered by: unhappycamper on 1/11/09


I'm grateful for my family, old friends and new, and my health. I'm also extremely grateful to be doing what I love. I might not be rich, but for the first time in many years I can say I'm truly happy and able to fulfill my creativity. I'm also grateful for First 30 days and this great community.

Answered by: runnindownadream on 11/26/08


I also am thankful for this site and Meetup,com and RealAge,com & SeniorNet. com, and the people I've grown to know.

I am also thankful for our soldiers, and even tho' I don't agree with why they're "there", I appreciate the troups and the sacarfices they are making.

Thankful, am I, for reuniting with my 2nd son, on a friend and adult basis, after his return from Baghdad, by way of Germany.

I'm thankful for the good friends who've shown their care and concerrn this last year, in the many thoughtful, loving things they have done.

I am thankful for this week of a plugged-up bathroom sink drain & the lesson it's taught -- to JUST be in the "now" of this minute. AND I'M ESPECIALLY THANKFUL THE PLUMMER FINALLY GOT HERE TO FIX IT!!

Answered by: lilliede81 on 11/26/08


I'm grateful for old friends who love me just as I am, new friends to get to know and the wisdom that comes with age.

Answered by: Eva1873 on 11/25/08


I am grateful for my family most of all. They have been so strong for me when I wasn't. I am also grateful for the things I have learned over the past few years; they have made me so much wiser. I am also thankful to have such a wonderful brother with wisdom beyond his age.

Answered by: Awakening on 11/24/08


I'm also thankful for our site and how it's helping and connecting people!

Thankful especially this year for good friends and feeling loved by them, and for the provision of a safe, warm home.

Answered by: kristen on 11/24/08
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