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Dr. Matthew DeVane

Dr. Matthew DeVane

Cardiologist and researcher

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American Medical Association Guide to Preventing and Treating Heart Disease: Essential Information You and Your Family Need to Know about Having a Healthy Heart

The country’s most trusted medical authority supplies readers with all the necessary facts, figures and forms of heart disease and provides guidelines on how to overcome them.
Posted: 07/21/2008 05:35 PM EST more »


Before the Heart Attacks: A Revolutionary Approach to Detecting, Preventing, and Even Reversing Heart Disease

Superko guides readers through identifying their key risk factors that form what he calls a “cardiac fingerprint.”  By identifying this fingerprint, Superko argues, patients can detect and prevent heart disease before it even starts.   
Posted: 07/21/2008 05:31 PM EST more »


Dr. Dean Ornish's Program for Reversing Heart Disease

Based on years of study and scientific evidence, Dr. Ornish offers an alternative to heart surgery and drugs by outlining the proven lifestyle adjustments that create dramatic changes in heart health. 
Posted: 07/21/2008 05:36 PM EST more »


From the Heart: A Woman's Guide to Living Well with Heart Disease

Written by a woman for women, this book is an empowering and effective example of how to recover both physically and emotionally from a heart event and have a hopeful and healthy future.  
Posted: 07/21/2008 05:39 PM EST more »


Healing from the Heart: A Leading Surgeon Combines Eastern and Western Traditions to Create the Medicine of the Future

A must read for anyone whose been hit by heart disease. Oz shares both personal insights and a wealth of professional knowledge honed through his years of practice as a cardiovascular surgeon. This book goes deeper than your physical condition and gets at the hidden mysteries and secrets of healing the heart.
Posted: 07/21/2008 05:13 PM EST more »


Heart Disease for Dummies

Top heart expert and leading cardiologist James Rippe authors this heart disease version of the popular no-nonsense, soup-to-nuts manuals. The guide takes you through every aspect of diagnosis, treatment and reversing heart disease.  
Posted: 07/21/2008 05:34 PM EST more »


Heart Smart: A Cardiologists 5-Step Plan for Detecting, Preventing, and Even Reversing Heart Disease

A true “owners manual,” for anyone living with heart disease. DeVane helps patients navigate their own condition through quizzes and then spells out in a clear way the state-of-the-art tests, medications and cutting edge methods that can help individuals manage and improve their condition.
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