"I am ready for change! For a new life, for joy, for spreading what I've learned to those who are hopeless as I once was. Thanks so much for this opportunity to learn and grow, to share and help. I remain in love with life." -Pamela
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Dr. Matthew DeVane

Dr. Matthew DeVane

Cardiologist and researcher

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Outliving Heart Disease: The 10 New Rules for Prevention and Treatment

Stein’s guide sets individuals on a path to being informed and active participants in preventing and treating their heart disease. This book boils down years of research and reports into 10 clear steps that everyone can effectively implement and benefit from. 
Posted: 07/21/2008 05:24 PM EST more »


Prevent and Reverse Heart Disease: The Revolutionary, Scientifically Proven, Nutrition-Based Cure

Based on more than 20 years of research and results of a ground breaking study on diet and nutrition—Esselstyn’s how-to book guides patients through his proven method of preventing, halting and reversing heart disease. Includes more than 150 recipes to get you started!
Posted: 07/21/2008 05:30 PM EST more »


Reverse Heart Disease Now: Stop Deadly Cardiovascular Plaque Before It's Too Late

Based on fifty years of combined research and practice, Reverse Heart Disease Now offers individuals information on how natural supplements, simple lifestyle changes and vitamins can have a dramatic effect on improving heart health.
Posted: 07/21/2008 05:32 PM EST more »


Reversing Heart Disease: A Vital New Program to Help Prevent, Treat, and Eliminate Cardiac Problems Without Surgery

Drawing on twenty years of experience at his Whitaker Wellness Institute, Julian Whitaker shares the tools to healing and reversing heart disease naturally. He guides thousands of patients a year on an alternative and effective way of tackling heart disease without surgery and drugs.
Posted: 07/21/2008 05:38 PM EST more »


The Cure for Heart Disease: Truth Will Save a Nation

In plain language, Lundell discusses the heart disease epidemic plaguing so many Americans and the truth about how to eliminate it!
Posted: 07/21/2008 05:33 PM EST more »


The Heart Disease Breakthrough: The 10-Step Program That Can Save Your Life

Considered one of the most current and detailed manuals to managing heart disease, this book holds nothing back about the tough truth of living with heart disease and the work it takes to get your health back on track.
Posted: 07/21/2008 05:38 PM EST more »


The Heart Speaks: A Cardiologist Reveals the Secret Language of Healing

Through a mix of narrative and scientific explanation, a leading cardiologist unveils the secrets to complete heart health by exploring the effect healing touch, visualization and other stress reduction techniques can have on the lives of those struggling with heart disease.     
Posted: 07/21/2008 05:42 PM EST more »