"It's good to be reminded that we have these tools within ourselves, but it is always good to be re-inspired by people like you. Thank you for your authenticity." -Margie
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Dr. Matthew DeVane

Dr. Matthew DeVane

Cardiologist and researcher

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The Sinatra Solution: New Hope for Preventing and Treating Heart Disease

Sinatra’s book highlights treatment options and works to dispel myths surrounding heart disease. He offers individuals a tested treatment on how to increase oxygen to their heart that he says has scientifically proven effects on renewing heart health.  
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Thriving With Heart Disease: The Leading Authority on the Emotional Effects of Heart Disease Tells You and Your Family How to Heal and Reclaim Your Lives

Thriving with Heart Disease offers readers a program for coping with the emotional and psychological aspects of heart disease in addition to one’s physical condition. Written in a witty and humorous style, this book gives survivors a tried and true method to overcoming heart disease.  
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WomenHeart's All Heart Family Cookbook

A beautifully presented and thoroughly researched cookbook which combines the foods scientifically known to improve heart health in delicious and simple recipes for the whole family.
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