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Question:What do you do when you are discouraged in your weight loss quest?

How can I get out of the funk I'm in regarding food? Those last few baby pounds just don't want to say goodbye to my thighs! And I don't want to part with my ice cream either. Could those two things be connected?

Asked by jeanfroner on 2/11/08 4 Answers»


Discouragement is bound to happen. Along with training I also participate in the new sport of MMA (mixed martial arts). Recently I tried out for a fight team and was told your in. The day I was to receive my official bow in with the team I was told that I could be on the team but they would like for me to practice 2 more weeks then re-test. Now I'm in decent shape but I can't tell you how discouraged I was. The point - no matter what level you are at you can always find a way to pick apart what you "still need to work on". I thought I was good enough for the team but I knew that I was a little rusty. Will I pass my re-test in 2 weeks? Of course, but I needed to remind myself of the positives to wipe away my discouragements.

Carlin Olson

Answered by: TrueTraining1 on 4/1/08


To add on to the other two comments, perhaps you should stop scruitinizing how much weight still lingers on your thigh. Try not to look at your body for a week, and keep the eating habits healthy ( moderation in icecream, i'm sure you know that ) Then look at yourself again in a couple weeks. If you are truly following your diet, you should be able to notice the change.

Answered by: Adspert on 3/25/08


Maybe try tracking what you're eating for a week and see if there are any calorie bombs (aside from the ice cream, that is!) that you can eliminate. For example, if you eat a big chocolate chip muffin every morning but you're pretty healthy the rest of the day, try replacing that with a low-cal alternative. I think little diet changes like that can help a lot.

Answered by: LMAYO9 on 2/13/08


I'd like to think we can eat our ice cream and lose weight, too. : )
I know when it comes to food it's about moderation and I know it's the combination of eating less and exercising more that will make a difference when it comes to losing weight. What I don't know is if our bodies get to a particular weight it wants to be at, and just doesn't want to budge from there.
My only suggestion would be to try something different -- an exercise you've never done before, like swimming or kick boxing ... just to see if a different kind of exercise or an exercise that targets different muscle groups makes a difference.

Answered by: VictoriaB on 2/11/08
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