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Question:Why am I acting as if I wanted to GAIN weight??

5 or 6 years ago I los some 35 pounds or so with WeightWatchers. Then, gradually, I gained 25 pounds back. There are many good excuses, stress, end of a relationship, new relationship, marriage, stressy and highly responsible job etc. BUT since I've started regaining this weight I'm struggling every single day. Trying to count the points, trying to do some more exercise. True is: For most of the time I'm well on track, eat healthy and balanced and do some exercising. But then, mainly during the weekends I kind of fall into a sick mechanism: I can't stop eating candy or even helathy stuff in huge amounts, feelin miserable, even depressed. And still feel unable to change that. PLEASE - WHAT CAN I DO???

Asked by kimvertigo on 7/9/08 3 Answers»


I love carolineshannon's advice.

What a great way to look at things.

I tell myself, "I already know what it tastes like, I've had it before. Will eating this "____" right now really make me feel any better? If yes, go ahead, if no, stop and reevaluate why you want it."

Answered by: mellyhoo on 3/14/09


@ carolineshannon, that's great advice.

What you've already learned is that portion control plus movement is the only way to lose and keep weight in check. You say that during the weekends is when you binge—is there something that sets that off? Are you bored? Lonely? Feeling deprived? Sometimes I tend to overeat (both unhealthy and healthy foods) when I'm trying to "fill" whatever else is missing.

What has helped me is to think about why I'm about to have that second bowl of cereal or another bag of M&Ms. Am I hungry, or just needing something to do? I try going for a walk, writing or calling up a friend to hang out...then I find that I can curb the craving/desire for food by being active and getting out of my isolation. Perhaps that's something for you to try.

Answered by: kristen on 7/10/08


I am not a health professional, but here is a bit of advice that I always try to remind myself of when I am faced with food temptations: THERE IS ALWAYS MORE. The candy will not go away tomorrow, and neither will the cake, cookies, chips and other junk food. Learn to tell yourself that there is always more cake (candy, cookies, etc.), and allow yourself a small portion of goodies every now and then. When you remind yourself that the world is not running out of junk food tomorrow, it helps keep things in perspective and keeps indulging at a minimum.

Answered by: carolineshannon on 7/10/08
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