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Question:Which is the best of the weight loss programs?

I have some weight to lose, and I'm torn about which program to use: Weight Watchers, Jenny Craig, Nutrisystem? Does anyone have experience with these, and if so, what were the pros/cons?

Asked by angie805 on 12/27/08 6 Answers»


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Answered by: Karenduff10 on 3/18/14


Hi and happy new year!
For my clients, the commercial diets have never been helpful for very long. If you have any kind of sensitivity or addictive response to processed carbohydrates- sugar, flour, and some of the other junk in there, it's hard to stop with a few points worth of cake/cookies/ whatever- it will be very triggering and then you may feel like a failure.
I know that my own history with overeating was based on having an addictive reaction to sugar.

I still believe the most comfortable and easy to sustain way of eating is to get rid of as many of the "bags and boxes" of processed food as you can stand initially. The more whole and unprocessed food you eat, the more satisfied you will be, and the less triggered to overeat. It's kind of old-fashioned advice, and not as "sexy" as the latest diet, but if you have been struggling for any length of time, as most of my clients have, try to eat fresh foods, in ways that are nourishing and delicious.
You may find that this goes a long way towards helping you get off the binge-and starve cycle.

love and blessings-

Answered by: intuitivebody on 1/6/09


I have tried them all. I recently joined Jenny Craig for the first time, and I LOVE IT! It was perfect for me because I am a single mom of a 2-year-old, and I was using food for comfort. The prepared foods are helping me to learn portion control and ideas for ealthy eating, and it is stress free. I need the structure, but they do teach you how to incorporate non-Jenny Craig foods into your diet and eat out. I have lost 24 pounds since Halloween (through all the holidays!). I allowed myself to go a little off plan on Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years Eve. Weight Watchers is good if you do not need to rein in disordered eating and have the time to plan and cook. It worked for me in the past, but did not work for me this time because I would use all of my points on unhealthy foods. I did not like the NutriSystem food and got bored with it.

Answered by: lisapldp on 1/5/09


I've not tried any of these three diets, but I really like South Beach. Like Weight Watchers, it teaches you how to eat. You don't have to buy the pre-packaged foods, but you can if you don't always have the time to cook. Plus, it even gives you tips on what to eat when dining out with friends. For me that was key. My girlfriends and I get together for dinner quite a bit. I didn't want to be so restricted on where we could go. The only thing I didn't like was the phases. Phase 1 is pretty annoying, but once you make it through that phase, then it's pretty easy from there. Good luck to you!

Answered by: Kristy101081 on 1/2/09


I agree with the Weight Watchers post. It really isn't a diet - it's a program that teaches you how to eat, and make simple changes over time that will be long lasting. It's amazingly simple, too. Just follow their healthy eating guidelines and you will definitely lose weight.

Answered by: kristiwright on 12/31/08


I've tried them all over many years...and the only one that really works for me is Weight Watchers. It's the only one that teaches you to eat in the real world, and I've had significant results (so has my mom). I also like that I don't have to buy pre-packaged foods. Try it out!

Answered by: AnnieChance on 12/30/08
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