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Question:How do I get my girlfriend interested in sex again?

I have been with the same woman for close to 7 years now. We have a great time when we are together but sex has dropped out of the relationship. Any ideas how to rekindle that part of our life?
It was wonderful for the first couple of years but has now stopped completely.

Asked by falczuk on 6/30/08 1 Answer»


Your profile shows you as a woman, so I'm a little confused, but let me start by saying that unless you've already read "Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus," you might have grasped that men and women feel differently and react and respond differently to matters having to do with sex.

Speaking as a member of the female persuasion (and for me personally, not all women), I'm looking for a mental connection as well as some sense of security and stability. I need to know where I stand. I need to know the person I am giving myself to is going to be there for me ... and that I am always going to be first.

Beyond that, I personally feel the need to have an ongoing relationship ... it's hard to get comfortable to the point of intimacy with people who are transient ... by the time you get into a comfortable groove, they're gone again.

You might want to consider examining her needs -- it could be that both of your needs are not being in met in which case if sex is that important to you, it might be time to move on.

Answered by: bstarr on 6/30/08
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