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Be Prepared

Be Prepared

The latest trend in the hotel world doesn't involve 24-hour maid service or an extra item on the continental breakfast buffet. It has more to do with the more intimate side of accommodations.

Posh hotels like The Water Club in Atlantic City and Six Columbus in New York are now offering intimacy kits and "shag bags" that are for sale along with the rest of the items in the mini bar. The kits contain condoms, massage oil, and other intimate items and are a huge hit with guests.

"I actually had one woman get upset because there was only one kit in her room," The Water Club's vice president Drew Schlesinger told the Associated Press. "I didn't ask why."

Do you have your own personal love kit at home? If you don't, you should. A hasty trip to the corner convenience store could put a serious downer on your mood, or worse you might get so caught up that you hesitate to use condoms altogether and that can only end with one kind of happy ending.

Posted: 9/18/08

I must have missed these things as I travel. :-)


I think they should make one with little white heart-shaped polka dots. :)

  • By cobber
  • on 10/7/08 1:57 PM EST

This would be illegal in Alabama...


I was looking at a swanky hotel here in New York b/c they have a cool rooftop lounge open to all, and then I see on their site that they have an "Erotica Package"! Link I was surprised at that!


I saw this when I went to Atlantic City recently at The Chelsea hotel. However, it looked like someone else had already opened it and it creeped us out so much that we had to hide it behind the rest of the mini bar stuff.


What a clever idea! I'm so jealous I didn't think of it first...