"I have to say that I love your emails. They are helpful, uplifting, and down right witty. . . I truly enjoy them greatly." -Eugene
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Dr. Therese Rando

Dr. Therese Rando

Psychologist, grief specialist and author of How to Go on...

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David Kessler

David Kessler

Journalist, author and motivational speaker

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Helen Fitzgerald

Helen Fitzgerald

Certified death educator, author and lecturer

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Answer:Get Your Husband Back from Another Woman forever. Do not cry anymore dr.unity is a true and real Psychics He brought back my husband" I am Helen Fisher...
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Answer:I'm so sorry for your loss. I just lost my grandmother, and I came here looking for some help on how to cope and saw your question. I have been crying...
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Answer:It sounds to me that your needs are not being met. And that is one of the reasons you feel alone when in a crowd of people. I know, because I have...
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Answer:thank you to kiki76&Lizzie314 for your responces..my family is an ODD one, I have one brother 11 yrs younger and he just got married in December and...
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Answer:It's never too late. When you lose a loved one, you get a flood of sympathy cards and phone calls, and then people move on with their own lives, and...
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Answer:I love the idea of sending a balloon up into the heavens. I know a family who spread their father's ashes in the ocean and each year they return to...
Answered by VictoriaB More»
Answer:Thank you so much lilliede81 and kirsten for taking the time to answer my question. Both of you had very good advice. Yes, kirsten thank God that...
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