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Dr. Therese Rando

Dr. Therese Rando

Psychologist, grief specialist and author of How to Go on...

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David Kessler

David Kessler

Journalist, author and motivational speaker

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Helen Fitzgerald

Helen Fitzgerald

Certified death educator, author and lecturer

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Answer:You should give it a try. Better to live without regret, I say!
Answered by Karadc More»
Answer:Will it get worse? Maybe, then eventually it starts to get better. Then one day out of the blue you'll feel like you're right back to the beginning...
Answered by katiyana More»
Answer:I am so sorry for your loss. When I lost my grandfather it was such a terrible loss. We were very close and I loved him more than anyone else in the...
Answered by JEANNETTE117 More»
Answer:No matter what you decide, this seems like a great opportunity for your kids to learn about the seasons of life and about grief in general. Poor little...
Answered by runnindownadream More»
Answer:You will move on by readjusting to your life. The memories will alway someday comeback every once in awhile. The current moment you feel today will...
Answered by marah2448 More»
Answer:Oh wow. I hadn't heard of people being buried with their electronics, and frankly, I don't believe it would help me grieve. If someone was so obsessed...
Answered by Kristy101081 More»
Answer:My family made pictures collages of my grandfather for thw viewing when he passed this Christmas. It's been hard, but I think the best thing for me...
Answered by jeanfroner More»