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Question:How do you rev yourself up for job interviews after being laid off after 13 years due to budget cuts?

Asked by giapooh on 9/16/08 5 Answers»


i actually made it a point to work out before my interviews. I always feel really good after doing cardio (runner's high?) and so I decided I would use that energy to take me into an interview. I worked out, then showered and got ready of course and the energy i felt gave me the confidence and vitality to ace a couple of interviews. I ended up having three jobs to choose from after being laid off for 6 weeks.

Answered by: paperbackrider on 10/8/08


Turn up the music. I'm serious. I was nervous as a cat on my way to an interview back in the day, so I shoved a Stevie Ray Vaughn disc in the CD player, and cranked it up. By the time I arrived for the interview, all the butterflies were gone and I felt completely energized.

Answered by: joepierce on 9/23/08


It probably doesn't seem like it now, but something good will inevitably come from this change. Think about all the qualities you would bring to an employer, put them on paper (preferably in a resume! ha) and be confident in your skills. It might also help to buy a new piece for an interview outfit...doesn't seem plausible but feeling confident in your appearance usually translates into confidence for selling yourself. Good luck!

Answered by: KaraCut on 9/17/08


Hi giapooh—remember that you have value and you were able to find something for 13 years before, you'll be able to find something again. Though things look grim in the economy, things bounce back and if you are persistent you'll find what you're looking for. Be as positive as you can be!

Answered by: Lourdes542 on 9/16/08


The good news is you have 13 years of experience behind you to draw on. Think back on the positions you've held and the responsibilities you've take on over the years. Update your resume and post it to the major career sites. Don't forget the job networking sites like LinkedIn.

Motivation wise, think of this as spring cleaning time. Take stock of what you liked about that job and what you didn't like. Get rid of anything you've been hanging onto that you thought you "might need for work."

With a clear head open to the possibilities, allow yourself to fantasize about your dream job. What would that be? What does it look like? Where is it? What do you do there? How do you feel when you go there?

Now think about how close you can get to that dream. What kinds of companies share those characteristics? Are any of those companies near to you?

How about a career change? Is that something you can or want to explore? If so, what types of jobs or industries interest you? How can you take your experience and apply it to this new situation? What types of classes might you need to take? What kind of funding might be needed for education?

Thinking about the positive aspects of a job change and the potential to start something new on your terms can be very motivating. Examine your qualifications and contributions and think outside the box for how you can apply your skills.

Answered by: VictoriaB on 9/16/08
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